Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another update today showing even more of the gifts available in the hunt. Starting off with Nushru who is offering this full outfit, clothes, heels and a bellybutton piercing. The Skin is from Medley, its the Kiri-Eskimo-Summer skin.
Next up we have the very prevalent Waka & Yuki hair, which comes with the cute chopsticks, Skin from Seshil 'little girl summer', it also comes with a child shape to go with it. The top and earrings are from [Y.M.X.], and parnts are from Pididdle, they also come with a suspender option, they're totally cute.

winding up today's update is the gifts from +++Blue Blood+++ one for both the guys and girls. The girl's dress comes with both a dolly skirt and a gown skirt option. Its super colorful and you're sure to not be missed in this set.

good thing for the ladies, guys clothes look good on us too right? The guys set is totally easy to break up and mix into your regular wardrobe if you so choose.

don't worry kids, there is more to come!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I've got another pile of pretty pictures packed with all kinds of goodies you can find on the SoS hunt, each one better than the last and more than likely to keep you going as you travel through the 116 stops toward your goal of ultiamte riches and fame, or jsut a pile of awesome gifts from generous designers.

Zenith is a shop on the run that I'd never been to before, but as soon as I saw the pink princess dress in the store, I knew this set would be a keeper. The shoes are included, and I love this dress, like really really... REALLY, love this dress. I'm probably going to go drop a pile of cash in that shop now.

Lo*Momo is also involved, giving a billowy summer dress, I like that the green is subtle and not too jarring, its really a nice piece, and the shoes I'm wearing with it, are the gift from Tango NY, there are three pairs in the gift, one of men, women, and then, oddly enough there is a set for the tinies! I've been impressed by the number of men's gifts I've seen in the hunt so far, but Tango went way out of their way with providing a gift for tinies too. Oh, so you noticed the jewelry did you?

Ginza is throwing down in the hunt and challenging you to *not* loooooove their gift. No offense, but my money is on Ginza in this bet. Their bird hair clip has been something I've coveted for awhile, and when I opened their SoS gift I fell over. Two pairs of earrings (one with the bird, one without) the necklace, and then they also put in a gift for the boys. They're so thoughtful, now drool with me.

*Sugar* is a shop that has provided some of my favorite clothes in my inventory. Never one to be stingy, they've provided a complete outfit, from tattoos, to clothes, jewelry, to the shoes on my feet. It's especially nice if you've gone into dress overload and need to wear some jeans for a change.

One of the shops I was most excited about before the hunt started, was Draconic Kiss. There was a small worry that they were going to drop, but in the last hours before the hunt, they totally came through with this fantastic dolly dress. Springy, and flouncy and fun, I was so happy toopen this sucker up.

Wrapping up the post with a gift from one of my besties, Narita from *Ticky Tacky*. She put together this jewelry set in 'boysenberry', everything you see is included, and is one of those great functional sets that you could wear with almost everything! So, now that I've given you even more reason to crave watermelon, what are you waiting for? Get going!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Watermelons are decending!

Quick and dirty today because its hot and I want to get to the waterfront like two hours ago, it is Summer, remember? I'm Wrenja, and you might know me from the blog Love/Hate, or not, either way works. Anyway, I've got some hot previews for you kids to get you salivating for some watermelon! The hunt starts tonight at midnight, so try to keep yourself contained until then!
WhoNose - Women's Slice of Summer dress and floating cloud
U&R Dogs - SoS jewelry set (necklace, earrings and bracelet)
Pink Fuel - Watermelon bat

The hunt has 116 stops, and some of the best and most exciting creators on the grid are involved, a lot of awesome Japanese creators as well, a lot of my favorites. The Who Nose gift, is above and beyond some of the best work I've ever seen out of Rarurick Ragu, she's fantastic to begin with, but her gift is not only the dress I'm wearing above, but the cloud and rainbow I'm sitting upon, its SO cute, and really well made!

Avantmelon - SoS clothing gift
Umi Usagi - SoS leaf chair gift
Pink Fuel - Watermelon bat

Avantmelon is a newer creator on the grid and makes some super cute casual clothes, make sure to hit the MM when you stop by, as the dress in it is super cute as well! The leaf chair is Umi Usagi and is PACKED to the brim with sit poses, I love it!

Mocorin - SoS 'rainboot story' necklace
WhoNose - Women's Slice of Summer dress and floating cloud
Pink Fuel - Watermelon bat

Another newish creator is Mocorin, I first discovered her at Cioccolato mall, and have been in love ever since. Recently her cute robots and other pieces have been popping up on blogs all over the place

Hal*Hina - SoS Sunflower Kimono
MJ+DADA - Green Mules and bangle

We're gonna wrap things up for today with a little bit of Hal*Hina, MJ+DADA and =Feather=. Teh kimono above is Hal*Hina's gift and the shoes and bangel are from MJ+DADA, totally cute. But for me, the kicker is =Feather= who has put out a special edition cookie plate for the hunt that refills itself... mmmm self refilling cookie plate. Why can't I have one of these in RL?

=Feather= SoS cookie plate

Monday, July 13, 2009

Slice of Summer HQ!

Although we are still moving in, the headquarters for Slice of Summer will be at Nishi AZABU SIM!

Neighboring at Kusameikyu SIM, we have the live stage for live performances throughout the hunt! Look forward for near future announcements!

The parcel is generously provided by Apuweiserrishe Lax, and HQ/Stage is built by Jeter Jun. Thank you!